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 1976 FIAT 124 Spyder

Bought in February, 2005, the fouth owner.  The car had been sitting in a garage for 6-7 years and only driven a couple of times.  When I got to it, the engine wouldn't even turn over.  So....I bought it for $250 and got to work. 

bulletEngine top half rebuild with new rings and pistons. 
bulletReplaced Fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pump.
bulletCarburetor was bought and shipped in from Milan, and is a 32 ADF with no plumbing...this added to performance and is a much simpler setup.
bulletPoints/Condenser/Coil replaced.
bulletBumpers are not new, but replaced with a pretty good set of used ones, about a 7 out of 10.
bulletReplaced front turn signals and passenger taillight...all lights, radio, horn, dash lights work.
bulletCustom stereo install, with aux hookup for MP3 player, and SD card reader.
bulletDash has no cracks in it, wood inlays are close to perfect.
bulletSeats have covers on them, a couple of seam tears, nothing unusual, back seat is in good condition.

Passenger Side

Passenger Side 3/4

Driver Side 3/4

Interior Passenger Side

Interior Driver Side



Passenger Side Rear

Driver Side Rear Fender

Passenger Side Rear Fender

Passenger Side Front Fender

Driver Side Front Fender

Full Dashboard




The October, 2007 FLOSTL Rally

You could not have asked for a better day, 75, not a cloud in the sky, and just a light breeze from the FIAT Gods.  We all showed up at Rick Wilson's home in Chesterfield about 12:00 p.m. and began by getting stories on each car:

***Rick Wilson's 1973 Fiat 124 Spyder was bought in Bloomington, IL from the chaplain of Illinois St. University...Plans are to have the engine rebuilt and get the body/paint done.

***Alan Taxman's 1976 Fiat 124 Spyder was bought from a guy who had it in his garage for almost 7 years for $250...a lot of elbow grease in the past two years, not sure yet about body/paint or selling/trading for an X1/9.

***Jim Decker's 1978 Fiat X1/9 was bought from an individual in CA and shipped back to St. Peters, is in great original shape!

***Jim Decker's (Driven by Chris Schaeffer) 1986 Fiat X1/9 SURE LOOKED GREAT, an excellent example of what the X1/9 is all about!

***Jeremy Blanton's 1976 Fiat 124 Spyder just got in from PA, lots of work planned, he may have started as soon as he got home!

Rick came up with a great route through the countryside, down through St. Alban's, up through Washington, east through Augusta, and then homeward bound.  Happy to report that there were no breakdowns, and everyone had a wonderful time!  Thank you to all that participated and all that couldn't be there.....WHAT A GREAT TIME!

Rick's 1973 124 Spyder

Rick's Plates

Alan's 1976 124 Spyder

Jim's 1978 X1/9

Jim's 1986 X1/9

Jeremy's 1976 124 Spyder

Tellin' Tales of Fiats

Hearing Jeremy's story

The Kodak Moment

Labadie, MO turned Italia for about an hour

A Fender Shot

The Players

All of the players

Rick's '73 124 from behind

Jeremy's new toy from the back of Alan's '76 Spyder

Back view of Jeremy's Spyder

Jim brought Nav, just in case

What is next?


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