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 September, 2007

Went on a nature walk with Mommy and Daddy

My first day at SSDS

Me and My new backpack on the first day of Kindergarten

The Blue Angels were up close to the planes

Went for a boat ride with my family at Meramec Caverns

I got to drive the boat

Flying a plane at Meramec Caverns

I had a great time at the Muni seeing Peter Pan

My Tinkerbell tatoo


Daddy, stop taking my picture!

I got a Piggy Back ride from Celeste

Me and Olivia at the Bat Mitzvah

I was a dancing princess at Shainas Bat Mitzvah

Mommy and Me with Tweety at Six Flags

Summer, 2007

Me and some friends

I had a Bratz cake at my Birthday Party

My swimming birthday party

Olivia was there for my Birthday Party

Got a pony for my Birthday

Getting in the mood for the Maccabee Games

Maccabee Games Rock!!!!

Winter, 2006

Going skiing in Deer Valley

Lounging around with my Cuz's

We went Ice Skating in Utah

I was twirling like a ballerina

Me and Olivia and lots of Bubbles

Getting ready for the slopes

Girls just want to have fun

On the magic carpet...I learned how to ski

Got ice cream after skiing

a cow came along, so I rode her

then a bear came I played dead

I found a nice place to sit

Me and My Mommy

I got to the top

Like a rock star!!!!

I like to dress up

a little outfit I put together

I went to the Blues Game

Me and Daddy ready for the Blues Game

at gymnastics


My pre-school picture


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