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  September, 2007

Got up close to a Harrier at the Airshow

Also saw the Blue Angels and the F-16s

Went on a boat ride at Meramec Caverns

They even let me drive the boat!

We saw some cool caves

Learned a lot about Stalagmites and Stalagtites

Mom thought I needed some culture, so we went to the Muni Opera to see Peter Pan

I got a tatoo

I got a dragon and Sadie got Tinkerbell

This is our Family at the Muni

I knew he was real!

Saw Batman and Robin at Six Flags

Sadie was too young, so I drove the car

I Finally found my look

The bears finally came out at the zoo, it was a great day

So I rode a tiger at the Carousel

For My 7th Birthday, Poppy bought me my first set of golf clubs. 

         Here are some videos of me learning how to play...

          Letting the "Big Dog" eat          The "Magnificent 7"          "Don't get COCKY"          Hitting Machine

          ........and of course there is always the famous....... "How good was that?"


        Here are some pictures of me learning how to play...










      I had a great Birthday party!      

Albert Pujols showed up

He wished me a "Happy Birthday" in Hebrew

Jeffrey, Koby, Josh, Uri, Aaron, and Daniel

I collected $100 for "Shaving Israel"

      I Just finished all my summer camps:

I changed my hair for the Maccabee Games!

Me and 2 other Sith Lords at Star Wars Camp

I made my own costume in Star Wars Camp

Epic light saber battle

We put on a skit we wrote ourselves





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