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Israel 2006

         Northern Trek


Our 1st trek took us north from Tel Aviv to Caesarea, a city that Herod the Great dedicated to Caesar Augustus more than 2,000 years ago. Today, it is one of Israel's major tourist attractions and an increasingly popular place for Israel's elite to make their homes. 

Remnant of the aquaducts

a side view

The original harbor of Caesarea

now a little artists mall

Solid Marble

A description of the hippodrome, this shows what it used to look like and its purpose

This is the view from the starting gates for the chariot races

Remnants of the Bathhouse and where the King would have sat to watch the games

The bathhouse

you can go into the water right in front of the hippodrome

The amphitheatre, still being used today

After that we headed through Haifa to see our cousins the Weiss' in Shave Zion, where we spent the night at the moshav hotel. 

translates to "back to Zion"



The moshav is right on the water

Yuval and Delia

eating breakfast at the moshav hotel the next morning

Alan and Miriam

Alan and Menachem

The Weiss' garden

....the other side

...just like home, a little more food!

the entrance to the moshav

The next day we went to Rosh Hanikra, right at the Lebonese border crossing, in the northwestern corner of Israel, on the border of Israel and Lebanon. The white chalk cliffs offer a spectacular panoramic view of Haifa Bay, the hills of the Galilee and the Mediterranean.  We then went down to the bottom and spent the rest of the day at the beach....the beaches in Israel ROCK!!!

From the top of Rosh Hanikra

This is looking toward the top of the road and the Lebanese border

Down the road, the border is just over the top of the mountains

The actual border... one's driving through there.

A sea cave, or grotto

a friend we made on the way down to the water...

you take a cable car down

to see the grottos

then you take it back up....

this is the beach at the bottom of Rosh Hanikra...note the was very safe.

We then headed for Kibbutz Manara, also right on the Lebanese border, where we spent the night and spent the next couple of days at Manara Cliffs and floated down the North Dan River, we also spent some time in a town called Qiryat Shemona.

A view of the bottom of Mt. Hermon, this was out our back patio at Kibbutz Manara

at the top of the Manara Cliffs

The cable car house at the top, we would end up back at the restaraunt in front of it

the town below is Qiryat Shemona

on the cable car

it was wierd being on a cable car with no snow beneath you

this is the view upward, there were people mountain biking down these cliffs

...and of course they have to go back up...

We went on the "mountain sled"...Louis loved it, this is looking as you are pulled to the top

...getting excited

the track

the cable car passes right over it

this is the sled you are on...quite cool!

at the bottom...Lou was still talking about it!

at the restaurant

Our hotel at Kibbutz Manara on the left, our rental car, to the right, the Lebanese border over the hill

the police station in Qiryat Shemona, no, you can't just walk in

a playground in town

Sadie, getting ready to float down the N. Dan River

The Taxman Family, wilderness explorers

The roaring rapids that we traversed without peril

....just hanging out in the river

Then, back to Tel Aviv for a little R&R, and to do some laundry before the southern trek.

A view of the Kinneret driving south towards Tiberias


...the only windsurfer in all of Israel




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